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Adoption Process

Anyone interested in adopting one of our Dals can email, call, or message us their application or questions. Our Director will chat with you to get an idea of the home you can provide, your knowledge of the breed and what you are looking for in a new best friend and family member.

We are looking for a home that will give this Dal the last home it will ever have. Knowing and understanding this breed is the key to making your adoption the best it can be.

Dalmatian Rescue assumes the role of educator. We also act as a support and referral network for those who need information about behavior, medical and emotional needs, and general questions from those desiring a Dalmatian for the first time.

Steps to Adopt

1. Application

2. Screening

3. Meet and greet

4. Home visit

5. Adoption Agreement

6. Going Home

Complete the online Adoption Application.

The DRSF Director screens and evaluates the Adoption Application.

Meeting the Dals is fun, exciting, and the best way to know how responsive a potential family member will be to you and your family. You will have the opportunity to see them in action and perhaps meet your current pet/pets, along with the entire family. These interactions are vital. While looks and beauty are of importance to some, one-on-one bonding and compatibility are critical to successful adoptions. The DRSF director, and\or DRSF representative, assess these interactions during this meeting.

Dalmatian Rescue completes a home visit just to make sure we are matching the right pet to the right home. While we do not conduct a white-glove inspection, we are looking for a loving home, a secure environment, and a home that has the time, and patience, for this Dal that will live out its life with you.

Deliver the completed Adoption Agreement and adoption fee to Dalmatian Rescue. DRSF applies the adoption fee is to the medical care required to ready your new pet for adoption. We are a nonprofit organization, and the fee is a tax-deductible donation.

Your new family member is sometimes brought to your home by Dal Rescue or can be picked up from its foster home once the adoption is final.

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