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Welcome to our Dalmatian Rescue! Where every spotted heart finds a home! At our rescue, we are dedicated to providing a safe haven for Dalmatians in need, offering them a second chance at a loving and caring family. 

A little patience and love will be rewarded with a loyal lifelong friend.

About Me


Step into the heart of our Dalmatian Rescue, led by the incredible founder, Pati, whose journey in canine compassion spans an impressive 30 years. With three decades of dedication, Pati and Mark have been the driving force behind the rescue's enduring commitment to Dalmatians in need. Through unwavering passion and a lifetime of experience, they have cultivated a legacy of rescue, care, and rehoming that has touched countless lives. Pati is not just a leader but a visionary, creating a haven where the spots tell stories of resilience and triumph.

Our Available Dogs

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